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Year GroupMeeting Link and ID – BOYSMeeting Link and ID – GIRLS
YEAR 4Year 4 Boys 175 774 4662 Year 4 Girls 2378 946 8763
YEAR 5Year 5 Boys 175 726 5925Year 5 Girls 2371 149 7674
YEAR 6Year 6 Boys 175 414 8793Year 6 Girls 2372 463 6093
YEAR 7Year 7 Boys 175 521 2155Year 7 Girls 2369 871 5612
YEAR 8Year 8 Boys 175 018 2475Year 8 Girls 2370 728 7565
YEAR 9Year 9 Boys 175 664 4104Year 9 Girls 2377 917 9036
YEAR 10Year 10 Boys 175 100 0501Year 10 Girls 2377 562 9725
AISAIS BOYS 175 219 0957AIS Girls 2367 611 4681
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Yarsanal Quran PDF



Salaam Alaikum

We hope this message reaches you in the best of health. The Office Bearers of Peterborough Husaini Islamic Centre have consulted and provided guidance to the Husaini Madrassah MC team based on the guidance set out by the UK Government.

Based on this we will continue with all our ongoing Madrassah activities as per normal for both Gents and Ladies.

Going forward, the Office Bearers and Management Committee will provide further guidance to the Husaini Madrassah MC team. We will continue to monitor the guidance and updates released very closely and update parents, teachers and children  accordingly should the situation change.

Please note, given the ‘at risk category’ for the COVID-19 virus being the elderly, children  and those with underlying health conditions, we do recommend that extra precaution is exercised.

It is also important that members are fully aware of their responsibilities if they have recently arrived from abroad as set out by the guidelines.

If you have recently returned from a high-risk country in the last 14 days or feel you may have any of the symptoms please follow the Governments advice of self-isolation or call 111.

We would advise avoiding handshakes in line with regulations and best practice; and cleaning any equipment after use.

Salaams and Duas

Husaini Madrasah Management

15th February 2020 – Infants Only

On Saturday 15th February 2020, we will insha’Allah be holding Progess Checks for all infants classes.

We encourage to help your children prepare using the booklet provided at parent’s consultation held on 14th December 2019. Year 3 should refer to their brown homework book, for other guides click here

Punctuality is extremely essential do allow the enough time for teachers to complete the progress checks.

Thank you for your support.

Salaams and Duas
Husaini Madrasah Management

Salah Assessment – 7th December 2019

Reception to year 3:

Please practice the below according to your child’s class.

* Reception: Names of the 5 namaz, how many times a day we pray, some of the actions and 2 surahs: Surah al Hamd, and Surah Ikhlaas. 

* Year 1: All of the above and…adhaan & iqamah 

* Year 2: All of the above and…all the dhikr  (2 rakaat salaah) 

* Year 3: All of the above and…complete 3 rakaat Salaah & wudhu 

Year 4 to Year 9

Click below to view the booklets for practising both Salaah  and Wudhoo for year 4 to year 6 and year 7 to year 9. 


Dear Parents, 
Salaam Alaykum

We hope you all are keeping well.

We would like to introduce an incentive for the children’s Qur’an recitation, we will be introducing a monthly recitation tracker for the children and it will be placed in each of their Qur’an.
We would request you to recite and practice with your child/children each day and place a tick on their tracker, at the end of each month, the tracker will be monitored and renewed.
We will share the results of their progress at the upcoming Infants Parents Consultation Day.

We thank you for your support.

Quran activity team
Husaini Madrasah Management

Saturday 22nd November


Normal lessons will commence at 9 am

Reception to Year 3

Students will continue with their planned lessons

Year 4 to 6

Students will commence lessons at 10 am with Tareekh lessons, Akhlaq lessons, Break and Quran Activity.

Year 7 to 9

Students will start lessons at 10 am. Tareekh lessons, Quran Activity, Break and Akhlaq Lessons.

The day will finish with Zuhrain Salaah

Infants Announcment

  • Dear Parents and Guardians I hope this email finds you in the best of health.
     On behalf of the Infants Madrasah team, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new and existing parents.
    With the support of The Almighty Allah (swt) we are pleased to tell you that we are back for the second half of this term and our teachers are keeping  children  engaged and and they are enthusiastic in their teaching of Tarbiyah curriculum.
    As a parent we would like you to get involved by reading the story books and asking questions to your child, I’m sure they will be eager to share what they have learnt  in their class through the story. I would like to share a few reminders and updates with you, so please can I respectfully ask that you read through the letter carefully and record any key messages and dates: 
    Lunch time at Madrasah 
    Every Saturday, the children have a 20 min lunch break. Many parents already send their children to madrasah with lunch box, but I would encourage all parents to send their children to madrasah with a healthy lunch(not only big bag of crisps). Children get very hungry by midday, especially when they see other children eating. 
    May I also please remind you that we are a nut free Madrasah to support the many children in our community who have nut allergies. Please ensure that when you are providing your children with lunch, there are no nut items in their lunchboxes. 
    Cold Weather 
    As the weather is now getting colder, please can you ensure that all coats and any additional clothing has your child’s name on it so we can help the children find their clothing before they return home.
    It has been noticed by the infants team, the children have been arriving later than the expected. As a parent, it is your responsibility to insure your child attends madrassa on time.For any absents or early pick ups, you are requested to notify madrassa by email in advance. 
    Diary dates  
    7th December 2019: Salaah assessment. 

    Salaah is one of the central learning aims of the madrasah, as such, the teachers will Inshallah be focusing on some key elements of namaz. It would be much appreciated if you could support the children in practising these elements of namaz at home, as this is what the children will be assessed on: 
    * Reception: Names of the 5 namaz, how many times a day we pray, some of the actions and 2 surahs: Surah al Hamd, and Surah Ikhlaas. 
    * Year 1: All of the above and…adhaan & iqamah 
    * Year 2: All of the above and…all the dhikr (2 rakaat salaah) 
    * Year 3: All of the above and…complete 3 rakaat Salaah & wudhu 
    The teachers will inshallah share the results of this assessment on parents consultation day. If your child is not fully fluent in the aforementioned elements of namaz, the madrasah staff are here to support and teach your children.But InshAllah if the children are supported at home and madrasah they will develop this lifelong Islamic learning.
     Saturday 14th December 2019: Parents Consultation Day 
    On Saturday 14th December, we will inshallah be holding out first Parent’s Consultation Day. On this day, there will be no madrasah for the children – (only Infants) instead our teachers and the Qur’an team will meet the parents  to discuss their progress.
    Your attendance is essential in helping with the progression of your child. It is an open consultation day i.e. first come first served. There will not be any times given out.
    The consultation day will start at 10am and finish at 12:45pm. Teachers will not be able to see parents after this time so please come along within the above time frame. Upon arrival, please register your attendance at the admin desk. 
    Saturday 15th February 2020: Progress Checks:
     During the parent’s consultation day all parents will be given a revision booklet of all of the topics the children will cover in madrasah to this date. Please support your children in going over these topics before their progress tests. The teachers will of course be supporting the children with this during madrasah. Remember these are not formal exams, just a way to check that the children are retaining what they are learning.
     Thank you for your continued support. May Allah (swt) accept the efforts of the Madrasah staff and the parents in helping to develop our children in an Islamic way.

    Infant Team Kaniz Jessa Damani