Salaam Alaikum

We hope this message reaches you in the best of health. The Office Bearers of Peterborough Husaini Islamic Centre have consulted and provided guidance to the Husaini Madrassah MC team based on the guidance set out by the UK Government.

Based on this we will continue with all our ongoing Madrassah activities as per normal for both Gents and Ladies.

Going forward, the Office Bearers and Management Committee will provide further guidance to the Husaini Madrassah MC team. We will continue to monitor the guidance and updates released very closely and update parents, teachers and children  accordingly should the situation change.

Please note, given the ‘at risk category’ for the COVID-19 virus being the elderly, children  and those with underlying health conditions, we do recommend that extra precaution is exercised.

It is also important that members are fully aware of their responsibilities if they have recently arrived from abroad as set out by the guidelines.

If you have recently returned from a high-risk country in the last 14 days or feel you may have any of the symptoms please follow the Governments advice of self-isolation or call 111.

We would advise avoiding handshakes in line with regulations and best practice; and cleaning any equipment after use.

Salaams and Duas

Husaini Madrasah Management