Salah Assessment – 7th December 2019

Reception to year 3:

Please practice the below according to your child’s class.

* Reception: Names of the 5 namaz, how many times a day we pray, some of the actions and 2 surahs: Surah al Hamd, and Surah Ikhlaas. 

* Year 1: All of the above and…adhaan & iqamah 

* Year 2: All of the above and…all the dhikr  (2 rakaat salaah) 

* Year 3: All of the above and…complete 3 rakaat Salaah & wudhu 

Year 4 to Year 9

Click below to view the booklets for practising both Salaah  and Wudhoo for year 4 to year 6 and year 7 to year 9.